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Everything are original, life of people and animals live together harmoniously


     Everything are original, life of people and animals live together harmoniously, the villagers in the forest really is a jungle where no access to electricity, still no electricity, no water supply, use water-based from nature, clothing apparel woven themselves in their own tribe. The women take care of the house, take care of children, weaving, cooking and preparing food. The men will prepare farm work such as farming, gardening and growing vegetables which grow everything on them own as a tribe. This place is also different from our own lives as well.




Dear Friends
Would you like to go on the real jungle trek-one that explores areas un


spoilt by crowd of tourists?

If so the Mr.Whisky Jungle Trek team has developed
a programmed that will take you through
Kun Yaum Mae Hong Sorn. a jungle region 1600-2000 meters above sea level. Non-Touristic Area With over 20 years experience, we have organized a lot of treks and met a lot of people-we understand your needs At the same time, our concept is radically different to that of all others Chiang Mai trekking companies.

So what make our trek special?
Remote the Khun Yaum-Mae Hong Sorn area site at the foot of the Himalayan chain. Hundreds of kilometers from the normal trekking locations. It is impossible to access without the 4wd vehicles we use to make you there off road.

Study the local ecosystem. The knowledge of our quide is unrivalled - you will learn how to survive in the jungle by make traps and the be taught much about the wildlife you encounter. And atudy about Thailand's ecosystem plants, insects, etc.

Participate in hill tribe life. You will take and active role in the day to day life of the hill tribe's people. The villages where we take you. have no facilities at all. You will be able to see the real ways of life.
We always support local family by taking foods, medicine. Education's products.

These are just some of the highlights. Mr.Whisky Jungle Trek take you onto and across Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest mountain.





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